Roblox explorer simulator Wiki

Hardwood is a great island being the biggest and most expansive. Machetes here go up to True and Picks up to emerald excluding ruby. Packs go up to Scroll although with out spec ops.

Hardwood is the only spawn for Redwood(RPT:100) which lays east most, Mini Tree(RPT:25) all over, Hardwood Trees(RPT:100-150) , and on the top of the mountain Darkwood (RPT:500) which Volcano Island also holds.

Hardwood also hold the most landmarks including the Big and Little stone arch, Giant Tree, Gold cave, and Sacred Grove.

Animals that spawn here are rabbits, squirrel and badger which only spawn in the sacred grove and another spot some where near Big stone arch.

Being the largest island Hardwood also has the highest tomb spawn.


Quickly get chainsaw and steel pick and raid the gold cave for quick gold. As for the highest spawn for tombs, go tomb raiding to gain awesome chests and gold be careful though tons of skeletons spawn in the tomb and the gold mine spawns 250hp skeletons. At this point get Ice machete. Giant or cutlass is recommended for tomb raids of above Hard Mediums.