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The Islands

Slug Island - The starter's island. Nothing special. Has trees worth 40 resources, rocks worth 250, and no animals unless they wander over from other islands. Also contains several Explorer Book finds. The very basic tools and all but one backpack is sold here.

Hardwood Island- The main island. It will have the most tomb and meteorite spawns because of how large it is. Also contains many Explorer Book finds. Has multiple wild animals, but the only one that can harm you is the Badger which spawns at the top of the Sacred Grove (the large mountain). There are multiple bases and checkpoints, and almost every Machete, Pickaxe, all Fishing Rods, and all but one backpack is sold here.

Volcano Island- A small island to the west of Hardwood Island. It has a few gold rocks and multiple 500 HP skeletons. Contains multiple Black Trees and Volcanic Rocks worth 500 resources each. There is only one base and checkpoint here, and all Pickaxes and all but one backpack is sold here.

Minnow Island - A mining island to the north of Hardwood Island. Contains huge underground passageways that have many materials for you to mine, guarded by multiple, powerful skeletons.

Swamp Island - A swampy island to the east of Hardwood Island, and south of Minnow Island. Has rocks worth 150 resources and trees worth 400. All machetes, backpacks, and pets are sold here - this is the only island that sells pets. It is the home to many frogs, and venomous snakes - they can kill you.

Dino Island - What the how what, dinos spawn here and a portal to the dino world tf

Checkpoints and Landmarks


Sacred Grove: some Darkwoods

Big Stone Arch: okay

Mountain Base spawn: useless but is close to gold cave

Dino Land spawn: why


Slug Base: the starter base

Hardwood Base: good

Volcano Base: all the picks

Swamp Base: all the knives all the backpacks

Minnow Base: ores and gold

Underground Base: bruh why

Ferry Boat: tele to the new meta ocean

Little Dock: useful since ocean update

Minnow Cave

Gold Room 1: Four gold deposits and three rocks.

Gold Room 2: Three gold deposits and a 500hp skeleton.

Ruby Room: Three ruby deposits and a 500hp skeleton.

Sapphire Room 1: 3 sapphire ore, 500hp skeleton

Sapphire Room 2: 2 sapphire ore, 500hp skeleton

Emerald Room: 3 emerald ore, 3 500hp skeletons

Lava Room: Three gold deposits, one ruby deposit, one sapphire deposit, one emerald deposit, one dark deposit surrounded by a pool of lava, and 3-4 500hp skeletons that are scattered around the room.

Map of Minnow cave system


Gold Cave: Three 250hp skeletons but about one grand worth of gold.

Map of Gold Cave

Giant Tree: A teddy bear under it (collectible).

Underwater landmarks

Abyss Reef: op rocks and sharks and stuff

Aquaite cave: awesome ore

Aquaite Cave Map

Giant Crystal: 50k stuff

Kraken Lair: what were you expecting a description



Rusty: no

Normal: meh

Iron: ok

Steel: good

Chainsaw: fastest swing and good fast gather, rlly good

Flame: $10k trio, good

Ice: $10k trio, highest damage slowest speed, best out of 10k trio

Venom: $10k trio, good

Giant: way too big and is better than sapphire pick, 2nd slowest speed, high damage, better

Cutlass: 2nd fastest speed about 1000 damage/sec, awesome

True: awesome

Dark: better then molten expect wood gather, awesome

Molten: slowest speed but insane wood gather, stupid

Galaxy: godly


Normal: meh

Iron: ok

Steel: ok

Sapphire: ok

Gold: good

Ruby: slower version of emerald, ok

Emerald: better version of Ruby, good

Diamond: awesome

Dark: wtf is that damage, awesome

Molten: rlly more damage, godly


Fanny:, wat 25

Small:, 100

Medium:, 300

Large: $25k, 750

Hiking: $35k, 2k

Military: $50k, 5k

Spec Ops: $80k, extremely bright flashlight only in one direction 10k

Scroll: $112k wait what where is the storage, 15k


Parrot: nothing but caws

Frog: higher jump

Rabbit: faster sprint

Turtle: more health

Badger: more damage

Teddy Bear: insane 1/5 heal/sec

Butterfly: faster gather in day

Bat: faster gather in night

Sloth: more resources from trees

Molten Monster: more resources from rocks

Mr L Emur: more gold from chest

???: to be updated

???: to be updated

Scuba tanks

small: 50sec,

2x small: 80sec

medium: 120sec

2x medium: 160sec

large: 220sec

2x large: 300 sec

Quantum: 10min

Fishing rods









Deep Sea:

Trident of Poseidon:


Trees and Foilage

Thin Trees: Only on Slug RPT: 40

Tall Trees: Hardwood RPT: 40

Thick Trees: Hardwood RPT: 80

Big Ferns: everywhere in hardwood RPT: 25

Black Trees RPT: found at Volcano and Grove 500

Willow Trees: found in swamp RPT: 400

Jungle Trees:

Jungle Ferns:

Giant Tree RPT: tiny island off the shore of the eastway gold cave entrance 10k

RPT(resources per tree)

Rocks and Ore


Rock: ok, RPR: 250

Big Rock: RPR: 600

Pebbles: these are to big to be pebbles, RPR:200

[RIP] Volcano Rock: extra compact rock, RPR: 1000

Underground Rock: why is there even grass down here, RPR: 600

Meteorite: why is it glowing and purple?, RPR: idk

Big Arch: bruh , RPR: 15k

Little Arch Rock: aw so cute , RPR: 250

???: to be updated


Gold Rock: sweet sweet gold

Ruby Ore: red version of below, RPR: 200

Sapphire Ore: blue version of above, RPR: 200

Emerald Ore: cool where are the villagers, RPR: 500

Dark Ore: wat, RPR: 1000

Aquaite Ore: more abundant then dark ore RPR: 1000


Easter Island Rock: It's not in the east or on Easter Island, RPR: 250

Rock Teddy: RPR: 250

RPR (resources per rock)

Underwater Resources

Coral: RPSF:70

Kelp: RPSF 40

Deep Sea Coral: RPSF: 250

Deep Sea Kelp: RPSF: 125

Aquaite Ore: RPR: 1000

Sea Rocks: RPR:1000

Deep Sea Rocks: RPR: 4000

RPSF(resources per sea foilage)

Mega Resources

Giant Tree RPT: 10k

Big Arch Rock: bruh , RPR: 15k

Golden Crystal: RPR: 50K



Dino world:

Tombs and Dungeons


Small: Eh ok, i mean, about gold

Big: Hmm, aint bad, better then Small Chests

Cursed: Oo sparkly, also great moneys

Emerald: Heck yea each are, 20 minutes worth of grind but this doesnt even look like emerald


Tomb sizes and rooms

Tomb Difficultlies

Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme


Small: Contains only up to giants

Medium: Giants chance of green lighting at hard or extreme

Large: at least one ghost even on easy

Legend: easy contains at least 3 ghosts now dont get me started with extreme


Tomb rooms

Dungeon rooms

Catacomb rooms

Libary rooms

Explorer Book


External Game Shop

Rebirth: $25k increases by 2 after every rebirth

Ballon: spawnable only outside $15k

Boat: spawnable only on water $20k

Sub: spawnable only in ocean $40k

Pterodactyl: spawnable only outside $150K

Renting Climbing gear: $1k

The Current Meta

The introduction of the massive Ocean Update has shifted the meta greatly. Now super close to slug even noobs can taste the new meta. The awesome 4k deep sea rocks, the 1k Aquaite, and the insane mega resource of the crystal at 50k has made any late game metas into the ocean completely destroying the scared grove late game meta.

researching new meta

Things players broke

Wof (wolfsareawesome1023)

sanic balloon: make balloon go at mach 2

swing speed hax: hit .1 to .2 faster

[FIXED] Lava Room lava skip: who needs lava


Gold (gold5236/ Zeprius)

landboat: aka car

outside of the tomb: hax

clipboard abuse:

#RIP gold5236

gold5236 will never be seen again he still goes by gold but his account is Zeprious