Roblox explorer simulator Wiki


Hot air balloon: 15,000 gold, Slow but builds up speed over time, can only be placed on land but can go anywhere except for thickets ( dense forests or vegetation )

Speed Boat: 20,000 gold, Fast, can only be used on water; Has a flinging glitch if placed near the shore or shallow water

Submarine: 40,000 gold, Fast, can only be used in the ocean dimension ( NOT WATER )

Pterodactyl: 150,000 gold, Fast, can go in water, A hot air balloon on steroids.


1,000 gold for 50 robux

3,000 gold for 100 robux

7,000 gold for 200 robux

20,000 gold for 500 robux

70,000 gold for 1,500 robux

200,000 gold for 3,500 robux

Timed Products

2x gold for one hour: 200 robux

2x resources for one hour: 150 robux

Rental climbing gear for 1,000 gold and lasts 30 minutes

Early Access

Scuba pass for 100 robux

Dino pass for 200 robux

Direct Buffs

Double health for 150 robux

+20% attack speed for 250 robux

2x resources for 400 robux

1.5x gold for 400 robux

Climbing gear for 100 robux

Infinite Stamina 150 robux

Indirect Buffs

Treasure map for 250 robux

Teleport rock for 300 robux


Rebirth: 25,000 gold, Increases by 12,500 per rebirth


-The Rental Climbing Gear is the only timed buff that costs gold

-The 10% group gold bonus stacks with the rebirth buff ( if you have 10 rebirths and have a 2x gold boost, it will become 2.2x if your in the group )